Friday, May 04, 2007

Community College Students Busted for Fudging Transcripts

Police Investigate Cash-for-Grade Scam at Diablo Valley College

In hands down the oddest news story of the week, a group of students at Diablo Valley Community College were said to have charged classmates about $600 per grade to change the final marks on their transcripts at the school's registrar.

Police have been investigating the ring of cheating for about 15 months. They said the students orchestrated a cash-for-grades system, where students who worked in the office would change the grades on the transcript for a charge.As many as 84 students are believed to have more than 400 suspiciously changed grades. They could face charged from real police for falsifying records.The scam dates back to 2003, and many of the students have transferred to four-year colleges using the transcripts.
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