Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Watch Out for Busses Full of Sig Eps in Arizona

Police Beat
By: Brian Kimball

Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity were pulled over for having an unregistered date dash at 10:04 p.m. April 13 near East Ninth Street and North Tyndall Avenue.

Police noticed approximately 150 people gathered at the corner entered into a yellow Bee Line bus, which traveled on East Ninth Street toward North Campbell Avenue at 40 mph.

Police pulled over the bus and spoke with the driver. The driver said he was shuttling the students to the Pantano Stables, 4450 Houghton Road, for a date dash. The officer asked if anyone was 21 years old or older, and only six people raised their hands.

Two students said they were responsible for the event and exited the bus to speak with the officer. The students said they were members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon and had organized an unregistered date dash for their friend's birthday party.

The students said they knew there were people drinking who were under 21, but that they had shuttles to transport them back home. The students said they had the buses pick them up at East Ninth Street and North Tyndall Avenue so that they wouldn't be outside the fraternity house.

The students were released without incident but were referred to UA Greek Life officials and the Gamma representative for having an unregistered date dash.
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