Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sig Ep Fraternity uses comedy for charity

Sig Ep sponsored a successful fundraiser and got some laughs, too.
Murad Shorrab stomped across the stage in 105 Forum, growling into a microphone like a dinosaur as a part of a comedy skit.

Shorrab acted out the humor of trying to meet someone over the Internet. Though the girl said online that she looked like a movie star, seeing her in-person wasn't so pretty. Shorrab depicted her as a creature from Jurassic Park.

He performed as a part of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, 524 Locust Lane, and Penn State Comedy Night Club's first YouthAIDS Comedy Night on Friday.

The event raised $1,815 through advertisements, fundraisers, a raffle and ticket sales to donate to YouthAIDS, Sigma Phi Epsilon's Vice President of Programming, Michael Barasch (sophomore-journalism) said.

YouthAIDS targets youths with positive messages about avoiding AIDS through pop culture, music, theatre and sports.

"We wanted to do something different. We wanted to find something that students don't get a lot," Barasch said about the philanthropy.

He said one of his major goals in organizing the event was getting greeks and non-greeks to work together.

"Maybe this will start a trend with greeks thinking outside of the box [about philanthropies]," he said. "The campus needs to unite."
Fraternity uses comedy for charity
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