Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Seat belts - Not just for dummies

SigEp and Delta Zeta at VA Tech are teaming up for a campaign to get more students to buckle up.
BLACKSBURG -- They don't look like typical college students, but the two crash test dummies sauntering around Virginia Tech's campus this week could help save some fellow Hokies' lives.

That's the goal of the annual seat belt safety drive sponsored by members of Delta Zeta sorority and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

"It's something that everyone should do, but not very many people think about it," said senior Elina Sorbi, a member of the sorority who spent time Tuesday helping passers-by -- ushered to her via the costumed students -- complete cards pledging they would always buckle up.

While in high school, one of Sorbi's classmates died in a car accident while not wearing a seat belt.

Random incident, she thought.

Then, she came to Virginia Tech and joined the sorority. A year earlier, 18-year-old member Ashley Ryan Krueger died in a crash while not buckled in. Krueger was returning to Blacksburg and was one of four passengers thrown from the vehicle when it crashed on Interstate 81.

Since then, and continuing this week, members of the sorority have taken part in the A.R.K. Project, which stands for Always Remember to Klick it, so named because the initials are the same as Krueger's.
A concert honoring Krueger, called AshFest, is slated for tonight. Part of the $5 admission will be put into a scholarship fund for members of the sorority and its brother fraternity.

Krueger's parents also contribute to the fund and try to develop relationships with the students who are awarded the scholarship.

"It's no secret Ashley would have lived if she had been wearing her seat belt," said Dawn White, Krueger's mother.
Benefit to raise awareness and money -
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