Sunday, April 15, 2007

Recruitment Profile: San Diego State University

The latest "Victory Bulletin" From HQ showcases the outstanding recruiting effort by the chapter at San Diego state.
Recruitment Profile: San Diego State University — A Breakthrough Performance

It doesn’t rain often in Southern California, but California Delta is making it pour. The Aztecs really poured it on in 2006-2007, recruiting 64 men, twice its five-year average. Today, the chapter has 117 men with a 3.0 GPA, up from 39 men with a 2.82 GPA in 2003. Chapter President Tom Standish discussed the chapter’s recent recruitment success.

Why is recruitment important to your chapter? Recruitment at SDSU is very competitive. We want to be the best. To be the best, you have to make your presence felt. We do this by having a lot of great men.

What are your chapter’s recruitment standards? Scholarship is important. We don’t look at people under a 3.0. We look at guys who have leadership attributes and professionalism and want to contribute. We use recruitment to improve areas we need to improve. This past year, we wanted to win in intramurals, so we recruited athletes.

What was different about recruitment this year that contributed to your success? Our events were buttoned up and everyone was involved. Before the semester began, we were ready. We set our goal, created our budget, and finalized our calendar. This led to better communication to our members and better participation and allowed us to make a huge presence on campus. Our recruitment chair formed a committee to make sure we got a profile on every recruit with contact information, interests, and activities. Every person on our list was called.

On campus, our brothers were out in force. We made sure our best recruiters were out talking to people every day during rush. When meeting someone for the first time, we encourage our members to ask questions about their future plans of education, how they plan to get involved on campus, any special talents or hobbies, and what sports they participate in. We use these interests to tailor our approach. This really made the guys comfortable with who we are and what we’re about.

What’s different about the chapter now? It’s a lot more fun. Because we have a lot of guys, there isn’t the same pressure to fill the house and everyone is excited about what we’re doing. When I joined, we had 30 men. The sororities didn’t know us. We decided we would work hard and focus on one step at a time. Now, with so many guys, sororities want to hang out with us and we are able to do cooler things like having a sushi night with a sorority as a recruitment event. Guys are involved and having fun.
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