Tuesday, April 10, 2007

IIT Greeks Celebrate Community through Competition

Greek Week – A Celebration of Siblinghood
by Sarah Stone

The intent of the week of Greek games, known as Greek Week, is to foster a sense of community, togetherness, and competition between the Greek organizations on campus. Each of the nine chapters participating in the games draw together teams of members to compete in events such as skit, bat spin, egg toss, and leg tunnel. The events take place during the afternoon and evening, both on the Quad and other places around campus. Events, such as can castle, help the philanthropic causes of the chapters by collecting can goods for Chicago Food Depository. Overall, Greek Week turned out fantastically for all chapters involved this year. Each chapter had its strong events and added to the overall strengthening of relationships between the chapters.

The week started out with the skits. Many chapters utilized this event to showcase their theme and use their members in creative ways. Kappa Phi Delta innovatively showcased Rocky Horror Picture Show, while Sigma Phi Epsilon reenacted Revenge of the Nerds. Alpha Sigma Alpha used their theme of I love the 90s to act out multiple different television shows from the era. The overall winner of the skit was Triangle fraternity, with a skit about being at a state school. Along with banner judging, Greek Week began on an exciting foot.

Day two brought out bat spin and chug, two events that can sometimes cause nauseating consequences. Phi Kappa Sigma had a great showing in these events, placing first in both. Day three originally involved two different forms of egg toss, but was postponed due to a lack of eggs. Day four brought out the strongest members of the chapters in a competition of tug of war. Sigma Phi Epsilon placed first in this event and Triangle placed second. Kappa Phi Delta sorority also had a strong showing, tying for fifth place with Phi Kappa Sigma. Bringing an end to the weekend on day five, the cart race occurred on Sunday. Sigma Phi Epsilon also placed first in this event, followed closely in second by Alpha Sigma Alpha. Kappa Phi Delta added excitement by competing with a cart found in the HUB and gave the other chapters a run for their money. Egg Toss also took place on this day, where both Phi Kappa Sigma and Sigma Phi Epsilon had strong showings.

Day six brought a new week and new events. Snarf and can castle lead to a burst of whirlwind eating and creativity in the chapters, by showcasing those who could eat the fastest and build an amazing castle out of cans. Day seven caused a lot of painful legs with the events of leg tunnel and 8-man. The top five places were very close in time for the leg tunnel event, with Sigma Phi Epsilon ultimately winning. Unfortunately, due to legal complications 8-man was cancelled, much to the dismay of the participants. This only fueled the competition more coming into the final day…the dance-off.

The dance-off originally began with the 2005 Greek Week as a mystery event. However, it was brought back this year as a dignified Greek Week event due to popular demand. Each chapter showed off its dancing skills in this event, while being judged on creativity, difficulty, and togetherness. After all chapters had danced the first round, it came down to Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon in the final dance-off. Ultimately, Alpha Sigma Alpha won with an amazing dance to Justin Timberlake’s My Love. Afterwards the Greek Week trophy was presented to the overall winner of Greek Week, Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Greek Week ended with excellent competition and siblinghood between the chapters. It brought the sororities and fraternities closer together and helped promote the values of each organization. If next years festivities are anything like this year, they should be more exciting than ever.

1st: Sigma Phi Epsilon, 118
2nd: Phi Kappa Sigma, 96
3rd: Triangle, 89
4th: Alpha Sigma Alpha, 81
5th: Kappa Phi Delta, 53
6th: Pi Kappa Phi, 33
7th: Zeta Pi Omega, 19
8th: Delta Tau Delta, 11
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