Monday, April 09, 2007

Frats Aren't Allowed to "Fight" for Charities

USU Cancels Frat Fight Night
Frat Boxing Tournament Called Off

Two fraternities at different universities had their fight night fundraisers canceled last week after campus officials deemed the events too violent.

Both Utah State University's Sigma Chi and the University of California in Santa Barbara's Pi Kappa Alpha were forced to postpone their fight philanthropy events.

Sigma Chi didn't take the news too well. They posted a sign on their house reading "Fight Night Cancelled! Thank you, USU, for helping us lose the fight against cancer," which they were later told by the university to remove.

“We are trying to convince the [university] that we can definitely still have [Fight Night] because it’s for a charity,” Former Pike president and Fight Night coordinator Artemio Madrigal said. “Not only do we give the most money out of the Greek system, but people come from all over to watch.

It’s just kind of disappointing that this is happening.”
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