Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Think about Conclave

Conclave 2007 is coming soon. It is not too early to think about legislation. This interesting declaration from Sigma Phi Beta might start a conversation.

What do you think? Should Sig Ep adopt a similar policy?

Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity

Policy on Citizenship and Immigration Status

Mission Statement:

The Council of Sigma Phi Beta enacts this policy to provide further clarification on the Nondiscrimination and Harassment policies of the fraternity as they relate to national origin.

Values Statement:

Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity values brotherhood, diversity, leadership, education, scholarship, Greek Life, member rights, community service, tradition and the overall Queer experience in a hetero-normative society. Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity provides a safe space free from discrimination, while promoting diversity of cultures and backgrounds.

Membership Details:

No chapter or colony shall require members or prospective members to verify their citizenship or immigration status as a condition for membership in the Fraternity.

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