Friday, March 09, 2007

Purdue Frat GPA drops below "All Men" Avg. - Sig Ep excluded from calculation.

The All fraternity GPA at Purdue has dropped below the All Man's average. However, if the GPA of fraternities on suspension and probation had been included the story would be different. SigEp is currently on suspension for Alcohol violations.
The exclusion of suspended and probated fraternities may have caused the Purdue average fraternity grade point average to drop.

According to the University's fall 2006 Interfraternity Council GPA report, the average fraternity GPA dropped from 2.727 in fall 2005 to 2.717 this fall. That is lower than the all-men GPA, which increased from 2.715 in fall 2005 to 2.733 this fall.

Sigma Phi Epsilon and Tau Kappa Epsilon were left out of the overall GPA report for fall 2006 because they were on suspension and probation. Beta Chi Theta is an associate chapter of the Interfraternity Council and is not yet eligible to be included. Two out of the three would have ranked in the top five if included in the fall 2006 report.

Tau Kappa Epsilon and Sigma Phi Epsilon, which would have been among the highest scoring fraternities in terms of GPA, were also excluded from other interfraternity activities, such as philanthropy.

Sigma Phi Epsilon president Matt Pettigrew said that if his fraternity was included, it would have ranked second with a 2.996 GPA. The fraternity was suspended in March 2006 until May 1st due to hazing violations and other alcohol violations.

"Our new member class also placed second with a GPA of 2.844 - seven members scored a 4.0 and 22 of our members scored 3.5 or higher," Pettigrew wrote in an email.
"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son." Maybe not, but drunk and smart doesn't seem to work out so well, either.

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