Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Blog Features - "Peekaboo posts" and MyBlogLog

We are adding a couple of new features to the blog this week.

In the sidebar there is a widget called "Recent Readers".
It connects to "", a place where bloggers can check out each other's blogs. If you have a blog I reccomend it. If You don't, check it out anyway, you will probably find something interesting.

The most useful feature, however, is the expand/contact post feature called "peekaboo"
Click on "Read More..." to see how it works.

Clever, eh?
I wish I could take credit for figuring it out, but I merely stole borrowed the code from someone who must have way more time on his hands than I.

The intent here is to make the long posts take up less room on a screen so you can scroll and see more posts rather than a long text entry on a topic you don't care about. (I know - they are ALL fascinating. But some more than others.) Anyway just click on the "Summary Only..." to fold everything back up. Ta-Daaah.

Let us know what you think.
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