Friday, March 30, 2007

Long Beach Sigma Pi Chapter Caught in Feud with Neighbors

Incident Provokes Concern Between Fraternity, Neighbors

An evening of green-beer debauchery has restarted a long time feud between the brothers of Sigma Pi at California State University, Long Beach and the neighborhood surrounding their fraternity house.

On the evening of St Patrick's day one of the Sigma Pi brothers broke a window at a nearby coffee shop. However, no charges were pressed because the brother reached a financial settlement with the shops proprietor.

Now neighbors are planning on calling a community meeting to bring up some of the issues they have with the fraternity. One of the communities concerns is the frat houses close proximity to a elementary school.

Anna Christensen, a resident of the area said “We want some dialogue.”

The fraternity's feud with the neighborhood goes back to at least 2002, when the frat was receiving a visit from the police 10 to 20 times a month at their neighbors request.

In the same year they were hit with an injunction from the Long Beach City prosecutor’s office. It stopped them from having parties, or events with more that 60 people at the house.

Long Beach has a history of clashes with fraternities. With no designated area for Greek housing, the houses are scattered amongst the surrounding neighborhoods. Phi Kappa Tau was hounded out of their house in 2002 after similar neighbor issues.
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