Friday, March 16, 2007

Lehigh Crows to Lose House, Remain a Chapter

Alpha Chi Rho to be First Non Residential Fraternity at Lehigh

After losing their house to Lehigh University's occupancy rule Alpha Chi Rho persevered, arranging housing for the fall 2007 at an off-campus location. Currently, the brothers are scattered amongst the various dormitories at Lehigh, but beginning fall of 2007, the Crows will be living in four adjacent off-campus houses.

Crow President-elect Trevor Salzmann, spoke out in the Brown and White article about the school's new methods of evicting fraternity's, by enforcing a 90% occupancy rate. The FratBoyNews expressed similar concerns, that the occupancy rule was simply Lehigh's systematic way of shutting down most or all of the fraternities on campus.

"Salzmann predicted Lehigh will see a developing trend of fraternities moving off the Hill in the next few years because of alcohol violation enforcement and fraternities not fulfilling the occupancy requirement.“I think slowly it’s going to be choked to death,” Salzmann said.

Fraternities don’t fit into the university’s system, and as a result, there will soon be fewer and fewer fraternities, he said. Whether that’s good or bad, that’s how it will be, he said.

The university has a certain image as a top national university that it wants to maintain, promote and develop, Salzmann said.

“It’s a business,” he said. “And that’s their game plan.”We couldn't have said it better ourselves. It's a terrifying trend that has emerged nationwide, and we've yet to see a fraternity or greek system successfully fight a determined anti-Greek administration.
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