Saturday, March 03, 2007

DePauw Fraternity President Reacts to DZ Criticism

Letter to the Editor: Give greeks a chance
As a member and leader of the greek community at DePauw, I was surprised by some of the letters regarding the situation at Delta Zeta sorority. This issue has provoked people from around the country to comment not only on DZ, but on the greek system at DePauw and across the nation as a whole. I was offended when an individual accused the system of being a "throwback to centuries of discrimination and bigotry." The irresponsible and unethical actions of one chapter's national office are not enough to cast judgment on the entire system.

I was also taken aback by the comment that sorority girls "have little to offer." Many greek women on this campus undertake numerous projects with the hope of bettering our campus and our community. Some of the smartest, most down-to-earth girls I know live in sororities.

No one will deny that, in the past, fraternities and sororities discriminated, but it is evident that things are improving. To say that the "sole purpose of the Greek system is to discriminate" is to admit your unfamiliarity with the system. If you were to look at any greek chapter on this campus, you would see many diverse and unique individuals. The men in my house are from all over the country. My weaknesses are supplemented by my brothers' strengths. We are not all the stereotypical frat guys or sorority girls.

Unfortunately, more often than not, any news about greek life is bad news. Somewhere along the way, people forget all of the good things about fraternities and sororities. We forget about the thousands of dollars raised for organizations like the Riley Children's Hospital, American Heart Association, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The list goes on. People ignore the numerous hours of service to others, and they forget about the lifelong bonds that develop. While I loved "Animal House," maybe it's time for people to drop that image of greek life and give the system another shot. They might be surprised at the outcome.

Brandon Hood, junior
Sigma Chi Fraternity President
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