Friday, March 30, 2007

Delta Zeta Nationals Sues DePauw

Ousted sorority sues DePauw University

Delta Zeta, the sorority that removed all the minorities and fat girls from their chapter at DePauw University only to have DePauw sever ties with them, has filed a lawsuit against the school.

The sororities demands include reinstatement of the chapter at DePauw, and for the college to clear the allegations that the sorority based it decisions upon race or appearance.

The sorority is seeking compensation for damage to its reputation, that may hurt recruitment and attempts to expand nationwide.

Cindy Menges, executive director of the sorority, said "The wrong message is out there about Delta Zeta, I am disappointed that there is not as much interest in the facts as there has been interest in a story that's been created by the public at our expense."
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