Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Congrats to a Brother.

Ed Jones with the Sig Ep Feds passed along this congratulatory message.
Congratulations to Brother Giuseppe Nespoli on his new job!

Brother Giuseppe Nespoli began his new job at Pepperdine University on Monday as a director of special events with the university alumni association.

Giuseppe is a Pepperdine alumnus, and he will be a tremendous addition to the university. His passion and commitment to SigEp will make him a terrific asset to CA Psi and SigEp alumni groups in the area. He will be missed and his departure leaves some behind some big shoes to fill. Among many other things, Brother Nespoli was very active with the SigEp Feds, serving on the board and as the Feds Deputy Social Chair, as well as on the Georgetown SEC AVC.

All the best from the SigEp Feds as he settles in from his cross-country move.
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