Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Winter Carnival 2007 - the winner is...

Sig Ep, of course! Even though they lost out in the individual event (month-long statue competition) the Sig Eps were able to prevail in other contests to secure the overall fraternity trophy.
“Nice, cold but nice,” is how Tom Beard of Marquette assessed the 2007 Carnival experience.

His granddaughter, Isabella Ruesing, 7, was enjoying the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity’s Babylon-themed statue contest entry. Delta Sigma Phi took first place in the fraternity division of the month-long statue competition.

With its multi-tiered tower, bridge, multiple pillars and shimmering ice embellishments, Delta Sigma Phi’s creation had become a veritable playground by 2 p.m. Saturday. It was a favorite among children, including Nicole Kivela, 9, of Marshfield, Wis., who referred to it simply as “the big one” while she warmed up in the Memorial Union Building.
Trophies were given Saturday afternoon to the winners of the statue competitions and various other Winter Carnival contests. Trophies were also given to the overall winners based on their performance in all of the competitions.

Sigma Phi Epsilon overcame an off-the-podium finish in the month-long statue competition to take first place overall in the fraternities division. In the women’s group, Delta Zeta took top overall honors.
More info and a link to the carnival website. Lots o' pics

Winter Carnival 2007
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