Sunday, February 18, 2007

A toast to double standards

The University of Arizona "Wildcat Online" has an editorial about how Greeks are treated differently than others where alcohol is concerned - and not in a good way.
Fraternities and sororities are constantly being watched; it's as if everyone is waiting for them to mess up. And let's be honest, this is college: Students are going to mess up regardless of whether or not they have Greek letters across their chest.
And what part did the reporting side of the paper play in this?
And as far as getting comments from greeks, it's important to know that the president is the one designated to release information to the media, or to make any official statements. So when the article says "Officials from all seven fraternities declined to comment," one would assume that the each president was contacted and refused to comment.

Neither of the presidents of the two fraternities that were specifically cited within the article were asked to comment before the article ran, according to Sigma Phi Epsilon President Rhys Williams and Pi Kappa Phi President John Snowberger.

"I never declined to comment. Personally it made me look like I had something to hide," Williams said.
Sound familiar? How many other campus newspapers work the same way?

A toast to double standards - Opinions

Oh, yeah - we had the original story too.
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