Saturday, February 17, 2007

SigEp Feds and the Army Ten Mile Run

We received this communication from Ed Jones, one of the 'sparkplugs' of the SigEp Feds. The SigEp Feds is a group of Sig Ep Alumni in and around Washington D.C. who gather for fun, fellowship, and support of the area's Sig Ep chapters. Later this year they are apparently going to give their members 'the runaround.'

We are looking to form Team SigEp and have some fun in the Army Ten Miler (ATM) in 2007!

Interested? What about a free early registration? -- Read on!

Interested Brothers should send me an email with their name, contact information, and expected time to run 10 miles. Also, you need to put April 2nd (the day registration opens) on your calendar.

  • Event date: October 7th
  • Open Registration Date: April 2nd - it won't take long for the event to become "full"...perhaps hours
    For the uninformed, this event (like many of its kind in the DC Metro area) fills up within hours of the registration opening (thank you, internet). If you want in, you have to move quickly on April 2nd. Our team will probably fill up even quicker!
  • Distance: 10 miles
  • Team size: Maximum of 8 runners, minimum of 4. If we have more than 8 people we will form a second team.
  • Team names: They have to be registered before a person can join a team... makes sense, right? Team members are then registered under the team name. For more information on the ATM and team participation go to The team page of the website
  • Location: If it is the same as 2004, it will start and end near the Pentagon in Virginia after going through the streets of DC.


On March 30th, a name will be chosen for the team. The competition to choose the team name begins NOW! One free race registration will be awarded for the person with the best team name! In the event two people pick the same name, a blind drawing will be held to determine the winner. The members of the SigEp Feds Board of Directors will be the judges for this contest.

March 30th is the cut off day for winning a free early-bird (in other words, the amount of cheapest registration for the ATM) registration. This is available to the guy that picks the best name for the SigEp team(s) running in the ATM.

The intent here is to promote activity and a healthy lifestyle, and have some fun as we do it. Yes, you can have fun running 10 miles! SigEps of all abilities are welcome! If a group of "elite" runners happens to rise to the top, then we will submit a team to compete in the corporate category.

More information to come on Red Door policies, hosting of out-of-town Brothers, etc. Please pass this along to Brothers you think might be interested in participating.

SigEps who have stated so far they are interested in running in the ATM:
Michael Sanky (UG, Georgetown University - 3rd year)
Steve Petrick (Alum from Florida State)
Myself (Alum from Buffalo State)

SigEps who have stated they are interested in being part of a volunteer effort for the ATM:
Otto Heck (Alum from Marquette)

If you are interested in the 10-mile run, Email Ed Jones. He will get you all the details.

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