Friday, February 02, 2007

Sig Ep to Purchase Liverpool Football Club

Brother Tom Hicks is partnering with businessman George Gillett to purchase one of the most storied teams in world soccer, Liverpool FC. The deal is valued at 470 GBP, or $924.5 million US.

I know there are a lot of Americans (and probably a lot of Sig Eps) who do not really pay much attention to soccer, but let me put this into a perspective that you all will apprieciate: Dollars and cents.

The most valuable franchise in all of American sports (according to Forbes and ESPN) is the Washington Redskins at $1.1 billion, with the Dallas Cowboys in second at $923 million. This shows you just how big a deal this is. And as you can imagine, the deal is attracting a ton of attention overseas as it would be the equivalent of a couple of foreigners coming in and purchasing the Yankees, Red Sox, Cowboys or Lakers.

Two Americans currently own teams in the English Premier League. Malcolm Glazer owns Manchester United and Randy Lerner owns Aston Villa. Manchester United has a storied history themselves, and the Glazer purchase caused much distress on the other side of the pond. With the Hicks/Gillett purchase, two of the biggest teams in English soccer will be in American hands.

Liverpool FC have won more championships than any other team in English soccer history. They have won 18 English Championships, 7 FA Cups and 5 European Championships (only Real Madrid and AC Milan have won more).

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