Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sacramento State Greeks Plan Fun Week

Greek Week on Campus
Hazing and Cruel Initiations a Thing of the Past
Jordan Guinn

Students who enjoy group activities and social interactions should head over to the Library Quad and gather information about the various clubs on campus. Fraternities and sororities with interests such as rugby, accounting and criminal justice, as well as many others, are on campus rallying support and trying to recruit new members.

The days of "Animal House" style initiations are a thing of the past. Deaths linked to hazing and initiation rituals on campuses around the country have led to crackdowns and new regulations for fraternities and sororities.

"We don't want to be like other fraternities," said Brandon Anderson, president of Xi Phi Chi. "We have zero tolerance on hazing." Other groups located in the quad agreed.

Sigma Phi Epsilon is a fraternity that has an initiation ritual that signifies membership instead of the traditional hazing. A program for the fraternity showed upcoming events such as Lazertag at Country Club Plaza, a night at Hooters and a root beer pong tournament.

Alpha Phi is a sorority that has a strict anti-hazing policy with advisors at all initiation rituals. They meet every Sunday and they promote cardiac care and awareness for women. Vanaya Edwards is in her second semester with Alpha Phi. "I am from out of town and I joined because it is a great way to meet people," she said.

On Feb. 16, Alpha Phi will host a Pasta Feed and tickets are available to everyone. Tickets are available for sale from Alpha Phi members.

More than 20 separate clubs are set up with booths, just waiting to answer questions and sign up pledges. Some groups require that students be majoring in a certain subject, but most are available to all.

"The friendships that we make in these groups can last a lifetime," Alpha Phi Member Kimberly Cabral said.
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