Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Guess who's coming to dinner?

The president of Penn. State, Graham Spanier, had dinner at the SigEp house and spoke with them about his experiences as president and about time management.
When the fraternity brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon, 524 Locust Lane, sat down to dinner last night, a relaxed sense of reverence hung in the air, as the dressed-up students waited to hear from a very important dinner guest.

Joined by Penn State President Graham Spanier, the fraternity enjoyed his presence throughout the night as he offered advice, answered questions and cheerfully chatted throughout the meal and afterward.

After the meal..., Spanier stood in front of the crowd, which included current members, alumni and the house's resident assistant scholar, and spoke about time management and his experiences as president of the university. He also fielded questions from the audience, who asked him about topics like the current state of the representative student government, Penn State's status as a state-related school, the recent protests and sit-ins.
One of the organizers of the event, vice president of programming Michael Barasch, said members of the fraternity and members of the executive board decided to invite Spanier over to help foster the growing relationship between the greek community and the Penn State administration.
The dinner was part of a weekly tradition at Sigma Phi Epsilon called Programming Nights, which helps members of the fraternity become balanced students, Barasch said.

"[It] helps the guys become what we call more balanced men," Barasch said.

He added that it's a great way for administrators to hear students' voices.
Spanier dines with frat
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