Saturday, February 24, 2007

Do not adjust your set...

OK folks, I believe we have almost all of the bits and pieces sorted out. We now resume normal operations. Do be careful in the corners, though. There may still be a few wet spots.
Thank you for your patience. - WordJunky

Over the next few days the crack staff at "Team S&P" will be updating the template for the S&P blog to align with the "New Blogger" standards. "What is a template?" - I hear you ask... Well, Grasshopper, the template is the underlying framework on which all the blog posts are built. It is where the colors and styles and all the little extras are stored so that the pages all look, feel, and work the same way.

The new model for Blogger has incorporated a template model which is supposed to be very easy to maintain and update. The folks at Blogger have done much of the work already, but they warn that the one sure thing is that ALL modifications to their standard templates will have to be redone.

Since the beginning we have been messing with the template - practically every thing in the sidebar is begged, borrowed, or stolen from someone who really knows what they are doing - so there is a bit of work ahead to update all of that.

You may see some ,er , interesting variations show up over the weekend as we fumble around apply the needed changes and rework. Rest assured we will get everything back eventually. If the folks at Blogger can be believed the template will be much easier to maintain and have even more capabilities down the road.

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