Thursday, January 11, 2007

Watching your team win the BCS - Priceless

This may not be the "ultimate road trip", but it ain't too shabby.
Melbourne Central Catholic graduate Tommy Wilson, a sophomore at the University of Florida, stood beside an RV outside of University of Phoenix Stadium three hours before the opening kickoff of Monday night's national title game and he had a message to deliver.

"Thanks dad," said Wilson, sporting a huge smile and a Gators jersey with a "1" on it. Dr. Richard Wilson gave his son the birthday present he had always wanted on Friday -- a ticket to UF's national title game against Ohio State. It cost just under $200 for the ticket.

But the adventure started there. Wilson and a group of his Sigma Phi Epsilon buddies rented the RV for $2,400 and hit the road, stopping in New Orleans and Austin, Tex., along the way. They left Austin after midnight and drove all night to make it to the Valley of the Sun in time for the kickoff.
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