Friday, January 26, 2007

Theeeey're Off! - Time for The Derby

(Thanks to the HQ feed for this item)
Donovan Sears, from KY Beta, is the designer of this year's Kentucky Derby Festival official poster.

Those of us from that part of the country have hazy memories of road trips, mint julips in the infield, and oh, yes, - there were some horses running around somewhere too.
The Kentucky Derby Festival's official poster image, also used for its 100-plus retail products from note cards to ball caps, was unveiled in festivities yesterday at the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center. The image is an energetic burst of computer-designed horses racing while Festival events flow over their heads. The work is by graphic designer Donovan Sears of Louisville.
Just one more reason, as if you needed one, to have a grand time on Derby Day!

Check the link for more information and how to purchase a poster. (You can forget the seats in the clubhouse. They are taken until the second coming.)

Festival posters out of the gate
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