Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sig Ep Nick Motil Spring Schedule

Nick Motil Spring Schedule May Bring Him to a Campus Near You

Just wanted to take a minute and "See you soon" message out to many of you as the tour kicks off Monday morning with the drive to the first show in Iowa!
Please head over to the website here or here and check out when and where I'm coming to your world.
First off though, let me just say....
California peeps, I'm sorry, my tour is taking me ALL OVER except to that this summer I'm playing San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco! ok?! happy now?! can we all just still be friends? good.
Texas, I'm coming in June..hang in there.

Moving on.

The show on January 20th with country platinum artist Little Big Town at the University of Indianapolis has been opened to the public for ticket sales!!!
Tickets are $20.00 and the show is general admission. If you're interested please contact:
Hope to see you there going nuts...its going to be a killer show!! this I promise!

Other than that, thanks to you all for a great 2006! I have a feeling 2007 is going to be even better...way better!!

Keep your ears and eyes open for information about the live CD and DVD taping that's currently being scheduled...hope you all can make it to Columbus! (chose C-bus since its halfway between Toledo and two "launching pads" in the past few years). Plus, Cincy can come, MI an come without too much of a drive...and its just a small plane-ride away from everyone else! More info coming soon! REALLY soon!

The 4th studio release is scheduled for late August 2007! The album is going to take the music to a higher level...and will contain a full production version of Cleaner Eyes!!
You can hear the newest single "Either Way" on

Much love, Be well, and SEE YOU SOON!!!
-Nick Motil