Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Groups on Foundation Site

Those of you who have gone to the new Foundation Site and registered have probably seen that they have several possible groups you can join. There are groups for Home Chapter, Alumni Area, Giving level, and so on.

We got word today that in response to some requests from the early users several more groups have been added. You can now request to be included in groups specifically for:
  • Chapter Councilors
  • District Governors
  • Order of the Golden Heart
  • SPE Citation
  • and last but certainly not least... "The NUTS! McAuliffe Society.
  • (The Freearks already have a group - disguised as "Past Staff")
If you have not registered, be sure and go to the site and sign up. Then look around, join some groups, and see if you can find someone you haven't seen since graduation.
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