Thursday, January 04, 2007

Educational Foundation Re-Launches Website

We got this email today from the Educational Foundation. They have been working on a completely revamped website for some time and it is now ready to roll out.

From: Ursiny, Laurie
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2007
To: Scheibe, Doug
Subject: Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation Announces New Website

To Staff and Key Volunteers:
The following email is being sent later today to over 35,000 alumni with email addresses who have yet to register at the new Foundation website. There will be a hard copy announcement sent in coming weeks to all other alumni (those without email addresses). News of the website, by word of mouth, has already reached over 750 alumni and undergraduates who have registered prior to this public announcement.
You might by among those receiving this email. If you have not registered, please do so by going to and click on Register!
We appreciate any and all feedback. We have already received great suggestions from users as we have rolled this out in the last couple of months.
Laurie Ursiny
Development Administrator
Doug Scheibe
Executive Director
The Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation is pleased to announce a new website dedicated to alumni!
Use this site to:
    • Stay in touch with fellow alumni using My Connections
    • View your chapter's alumni homepage
    • Utilize the SigEp Career Center
    • Join other area alumni groups
    • Find out about chapter, area and national events
    • Check Alumni and Campaign News
    • Keep your contact information up-to-date
    • Make a gift to support scholarships and leadership programs
The site is only for registered members so you can interact without the worry of your information being viewed by outside parties. Registration is easy - go to and click on Register!
You are in the position of the helpful alumnus, the alumnus convinced by life's vicissitudes that Sigma Phi Epsilon is a character-builder -- a 'Clinic in Democracy,' as it has been called -- which you do not want to see weaken ever, but desire to be strong that it may continue to build character among thousands of young fellows in every generation. Yes, you remember... and there are countless SigEps who remember... who welcome the opportunity to help, now that it is their turn.
-- excerpt from the first solicitation for the William L. Phillips Foundation in 1943
For more information, your contacts at the Foundation are:
Laurie Ursiny, Development Administrator
(804) 353-1901, ext. 308
Doug Scheibe, Executive Director
(804) 353-1901, ext 319