Sunday, December 31, 2006

Who wants to go to Conclave? - Last Call

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We are getting very close to the 100,000 visit mark, but you still have time to send in your entries in the "Who wants to go to Conclave?" promotion. We have gotten some outstanding submissions and I am sure there are more of you out there with great ideas that just have not had time to write them down.

Since it is so close to Christmas, and most of the undergraduates have been busy with finals and all the glad chaos of the holidays we are going to grant a slight extension.

Here is the "new deadline"...
Midnight Dec 31 or 100,000 hits, whichever comes LAST.
So you will have until New Year's Eve at least to get your entry in.

Based on the current hit level the two events will be pretty close to one another, so don't expect to be typing on Jan 1 with a hangover. (OK for Hemingway, but you ain't him!)

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