Friday, December 29, 2006

What's on YOUR list?

This is the time of year when folks start looking back and looking forward. In fact, the name "January" is taken from the roman god "Janus", the god of doors and gates, beginnings and endings. Typically, we look at the year just passed to assess what we did well and what we can improve on, and we look ahead to plan activities and goals we will focus on in the coming year.

I'll start by noting that a resolution I had last year was to double the readership of S&P to about 300 a day. Didn't happen. I got bogged down by work, school and home obligations and had to back away from the every-spare-minute I was spending here. As a result, we may have missed some opportunities and while steady, our reader numbers will not overwhelm the blog servers any time soon. On the plus side, some of the blog team that had previously been skittish about posting have stepped up and helped out and for that I am very thankful. Now, on to next year...

One of the things we at S&P would really like to see is more interaction with our readers. To that end we put "Recent Comments" on the sidebar so you can see what people are saying. If it inspires you to add your two cents' worth then so much the better.

So, for this post I want to invite everyone to add your New Year's Resolutions, hopes, plans, and so forth. Also, what is going on with your Chapter? Are you going to get to Conclave? (hint: You still have time to enter the contest.) If you want to tell us where to go make suggestions for S&P we would love to hear it as well. Click on the "comments" link and when you see the popup type away. You do not have to leave a name or email, but if you do have a 'handle' it will help keep the musings straight.

Go ahead, make a comment. To start things off, I put this on my other blog.