Saturday, December 16, 2006

Watch this space

Your S&P blog team has completed migrating the blog over to the "new" Blogger (beta). So far, at least, you should see no differences. "Totally transparent to the user" as we say hopefully in the world of IT.

However, as we become more familiar with the new capabilities and features that are available you will see some neat additions. Such things as category tags and the ability to search the blog for tagged items will be the first obvious change. You may also see a minor alteration in the look and feel of the place. We don't plan to change much, but the way the page template is put together will be different so there may be a few 'tweaks' we need to do to get things looking "normal".

From our side, publishing should be a lot easier. The upgrade also promises to be a more stable platform. Incidents where you cannot get to the blog pages should drop to practically nil.

We do ask that you let us know if you see anything that is odd. We do not have every possible combination of OS & browser so we can't test everything.

The Management