Saturday, December 09, 2006

SigEp Marine Remembered

(From the HQ news feed)

Brother Trane McCloud, University of Tennessee (TN A), was killed over the weekend in Iraq when the helicopter he was riding in lost power. He leaves behind a wife, three children, and a legacy of goodwill. Brother McCloud was a fine example of the qualities of men of Sigma Phi Epsilon.
ELIZABETHTON - "He was a good Marine, he loved the military," Ron McCloud said Monday about his son.

The proud father had learned just hours earlier that Maj. Trane McCloud had been killed in Iraq over the weekend when the helicopter he was riding in lost power.
His father remembered him as an outstanding athlete even as a young boy. He made the All-City team in football in Detroit, playing linebacker for the Grosse Pointe team. He also stood out as a center fielder in Colt League baseball for teenagers. As a 14-year-old he told his father he was going to catch someone loafing to first after making a solid hit. He was true to his word, throwing the ball to first base from center field in time to make the out.

After graduating, McCloud went to the University of Tennessee, where he studied liberal arts and history. He graduated in 1989 and enlisted in the Marine Corps just in time for Desert Storm, during which he served on the USS Missouri.[...]

During his time on the ship, Ron McCloud said the ship's captain grew fond of the young Marine and encouraged him to attend Officer Candidate School. He was accepted.
There is too much more to quote here, but read the article to see how outstanding this man was.

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UPDATE: Link to the Washington Post Obituary. There is an online guest book as well so you can pay your respects to his family.

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