Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Greek Web Site

Tyler Zach points out a Greek web site, sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ. He sent this notice to the SigEp Talk email list to announce it, and we are pleased to add whatever additional exposure we can to help the site get going.
Dear Brothers,

Greek Movement, a new web site that I created for fraternity and sorority
leaders has just launched.

The web site is:

The web site will host articles on leadership, spiritual growth, and Greek
life & culture. There are only a few articles up on the blog now, but will
continue to grow as new writers are recruited.

Brothers Demarick Patton (Kansas University alum) and Mike Beckham (Oklahoma
University alum) are on the writing staff. We work for Campus Crusade for
Christ and are spiritual mentors to college students. This web site is an
extension of our work to mature Greeks as well-rounded leaders.


Tyler Zach
Nebraska Beta Alum '04
University of Nebraska at Omaha
We have had a link to Tyler's personal blog for some time and we have added a link in the "Not Sig Ep but not Bad" area of the sidebar. The new site looks good Tyler. We wish you well.