Sunday, December 24, 2006


In the spirit of the season, We present this story of fraternal brotherhood, rivalry, and forgiveness.

As I was reading the story of how one brother's jealousy and envy hurt another, and the eventual resolution I remembered my time in the chapter as an undergraduate. There was often contention between brothers, and hard feelings were not always assuaged. Sadly, I must admit that even now, many years later, there are men whom I once called 'brother' that I would feel awkward meeting on the street - and not always because of their actions. I must claim a share of responsibility too. I cannot change the past, but I won't close it out either. If the opportunity arises I will make the first move to make amends and repair the rift of many years.

When you get back to school, look up that a**hole who made your life hell last semester, or the guy you just can't stand for whatever reason. Make a special effort to get past your differences. You may not agree on everything, you may not become "best friends forever". But you may be able to find that brotherhood and common principles allow differences to be reconciled, or at least accepted. Hopefully you will find that meeting "on the level" and parting "on the square" - as they say in freemasonry - is not only possible but preferable. Don't let today's disagreement become tomorrow's estrangement.

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