Tuesday, November 21, 2006

You can still enter the "Who wants to go to Conclave?" contest

The S&P bloggers are noting the coming milestone of 100,000 visits by asking our readers to submit a blog entry on the topic of "Sig Ep, Communication, and Technology". The best entry will be awarded a paid registration for the 2007 Conclave in "Hot-lanta".

The cutoff is approaching quickly, though. We will accept entries until the counter on the blog page hits 100,000. As I type this we are just a bit past the 96,100 mark, and we are currently getting around 900 visits a week. A little fuzzy math indicates we will probably hit 100K around Dec. 22-ish.

Lets hear from you! Tell us what you think about where Sig Ep is, or should be, in terms of using technology to foser better and more timely communication. Is HQ doing a good job now? How could it be better? What about your chapter - are they kicking butt on the 'net? Are you data-mining for BMS candidates? Do you have a "BIG IDEA" for something that no one has tried yet?

Put your thoughts into a great essay. If you are more visual we will certainly look at a graphic or video post as well. You can read the full details for the contest in our original post.

But don't wait, the counter is still clicking. And when it hits 100K we are done.