Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ludacris to speak at GW YouthAids Event

Sig Ep at George Washington Univ. is sponsoring an appearance of the hip-hop star Ludacris on behalf of YouthAids.
Hip-hop star Ludacris is coming to the Marvin Center Dec. 1 as part of the YouthAIDS "Kick Me!" Campaign for World AIDS Day.
"Of the four schools Ludacris will be visiting leading up to World AIDS Day, it was decided that Washington, D.C. - GW in particular - would end the tour because the event will get the most media coverage here, and it's an issue appropriate to address in our nation's capital," said senior James Silk, Sigma Phi Epsilon's vice president of programming and intern at YouthAIDS.

Ludacris will speak to an audience of 400 in the Marvin Center Grand Ballroom, and MTV will broadcast the event.

Ludacris to speak at Marvin Center - News