Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fraternity party stirs cries of racism

Sigma Chi at Johns Hopkins had a "Halloween in 'da hood" party. Oddly, not everyone was amused.
Black Student Union members protested the fraternity's actions, saying the appearance of a mock lynching highlighted the atmosphere of racial insensitivity and tension at the university.

Waving signs such as "Lynching is not a joke" and "Ban Sigma Chi," dozens of students held photos from the party and distributed copies of the invitation. Black-and-white photocopies of a historical lynching were posted on the protest signs.
The invitation to the Saturday night party, posted on the Web site Facebook, described Baltimore as "the hiv pit" and encouraged attendees to wear "regional clothing from our locale" such as "bling bling ice ice, grills" and "hoochie hoops."

University officials immediately decried the fraternity's actions and on Monday suspended all of its activities pending a full investigation.

In a statement, President William Brody said he was "personally offended" and called the incident "deeply disturbing."
The national headquarters of the fraternity also placed the local chapter on suspension and will conduct its own investigation, said Mark Anderson, executive secretary at the Illinois-based headquarters.
Normally I would have a cynically humorous comment, but this one just defies all logic. Was there no one who could stand up and say "this is a bad idea"? Well, that is what makes a "frat boy", I suppose. Inability to see when you are making dumb choices.

Fraternity party stirs cries of racism | Chicago Tribune

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