Friday, November 24, 2006

Fraternities request wireless access

Fraternity houses on the University of Tennessee campus must pay $70 a month for dial-up internet access. Two members of the SGA senate who are also fraternity members are trying to make a change.
SGA Senator and President of Sigma Chi John Rader teamed up with SGA Vice President Michael Chirico to propose the bill that would rid the houses of dial-up and encourage the university to help them install a wireless network. Fraternity park is not considered part of University Housing.

“This promotes a more friendly living environment for prospective residents,” Rader said. “No one wants to live somewhere without Internet connection — these days, that’s nearly impossible.”

According to Rader, fraternities had already looked into getting Internet cable connections like the ones present in the dorms. However, it would cost $1.3 million to install a land line.
Chirico, a Sigma Phi Epsilon member, said he is looking forward to the new wireless plan for the houses.

“I think this is great. A lot of students live in those houses and are very distraught with the current Internet (situation),” he said. “This is something I’m totally in support of.”
The new bill for wireless services in fraternity houses was proposed last week and will be voted on at the next meeting, Nov. 28 in the University Center’s Shiloh Room at 5:15 p.m. If it passes, Fraternity Park could have a wireless connection in Spring 2007.
Tennessee has a number of Fraternity houses (including Sig Ep) located on campus with services provided by the university. Fraternity housing should not be relegated to "second-class" status where internet access is concerned.

What is the situation on your campus? Does your house have adequate access to the internet?
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