Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Speaker discusses hazing, stereotypes

David Stollman discussed hazing and negative stereotypes of Greeks in a presentation to Missouri University students.
Stollman also told Greeks that the outside world does not differentiate between the different letters of different organizations. He said when one fraternity or sorority does something negative, it impacts the entire community.

Stollman, who is an alumnus of Sigma Phi Epsilon, said he doesn’t like the stereotypes associated with being a fraternity member, such as being called a drunkard.

“But the one that bothers me the most is being called a rapist,” he said. “The safest place for a woman to be on campus should be in a fraternity house, but the statistics show it’s one of the places she is most likely to be raped.”
What has your chapter done to reverse these stereotypes?

The Maneater - Speaker discusses hazing, stereotypes

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