Thursday, October 19, 2006

GW Greeks Support UNICEF

Greeks unite to support UNICEF
By Brittany GrimmCampus News Reporter

The biggest event on every fraternity and sorority calendar returns to GW this month.
Greek Week, which runs from Oct. 28 to Nov. 4, brings together the school’s fraternities and sororities to support the year’s chosen charity, UNICEF, and to foster a closer Greek community at GW.

“Greek Week is always a lot of fun and exemplifies the ways in which Greeks can come together for a good cause and a good time,” says April Black, president of the Panhellenic Association.
The events of the week kickoff on Saturday, Oct. 28, with a community service project to benefit the community outside GW. The next day in Kogan Plaza will feature the Greek Games, which will involve numerous competitions, including a pumpkin carving contest and a bobbing for apples relay, in keeping with this year’s theme of Halloween.

The most popular night is Skit Night, held this year on Monday, Oct. 30, where all the fraternities and sororities make up ridiculous acts and present them before the rest of the Greek Community.

“I like skit night because the frats make fools of themselves and there’s so much energy in the stadium,” said Mara Eckerson ’08.

Though Halloween is officially not a part of the schedule, many Greeks will spend their night “Trick or Treating for UNICEF.”

The night will not only benefit a charity but will also help to instill goodwill within the Foggy Bottom community, and portray the members of the Greek Community in a more favorable light than just being boisterous partiers, said Black. Members of fraternities and sororities will be going around collecting change from Foggy Bottom neighbors.

The annual Date Auction will be held Nov. 1 in J Street, with a member from each Greek organization being put up on the auction block. After an off day on Nov. 3 and a celebration at a club on Nov. 4, Greek Week comes to a close with the announcement of the winning frat and sorority on Nov. 5 at a Greek-wide BBQ in Kogan Plaza.

Last year’s winners were Sigma Kappa and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Said Black, “Greek Week will be considered a success if there is high participation, if members have fun, if the community unites in true Greek spirit, and if we raise a substantial amount of money for the UNICEF
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