Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fraternity Reviews Benchmarks and Makes Critical Appointment

Sigma Phi Epsilon Operations Update
From Christopher T. Minnis, Director of Operations
(October 31, 2006)

The Fraternity Operations Update recaps SigEp's performance versus benchmarks set at the beginning of the year by the Headquarters staff. These goals reflect the National Board's 10-year Strategic Plan, culminating in 2011.

As we near the 105th Founders' Day of Sigma Phi Epsilon, we've reached an important point in the fraternity year. August-October represents the largest manpower push of the year. Year-to-date recruitment initiatives have resulted in an increase of 5.73% in fall new member recruitment. This update includes a listing of the top 34 recruitment chapters. Average chapter recruitment within this grouping is up 7.7% from 31.6 to 34.0 new members per chapter.

However, there is much work left to be done. Attention is being placed on chapters utilizing year-round recruitment initiatives such as Sound Mind, Sound Body programming coupled with new member recruitment and sorority presentations to develop potential new member lists for our chapters. The defining factor for recruitment success is good old fashioned "hustle." Effective recruitment programs are built upon good strategies, but more importantly upon hard work at executing. Our top recruiters have been working hard to illustrate why SigEp is the best place for young men to develop as leaders. When speaking with our undergraduates and local volunteers, be sure to check in to see how we doing at attracting the best men to our chapters.

The Committee on Volunteers is moving swiftly to roll-out a comprehensive volunteer training program in 2007. Featuring online training initiatives and dedicated training programs at the local level, the fraternity will invest resources in educating volunteers on best practices in all aspects of fraternity operations.

At the SigEp joint committee meeting, Executive Director Craig Templeton announced the hiring of Gary L. Huff, Central Arkansas '91, who will join the Headquarters staff as Director of Volunteers. Gary has served SigEp as District Governor for Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana, Chapter Counselor and AVC Treasurer for the chapter at Central Arkansas, and has facilitated training at numerous fraternity programs. He lends critical volunteer experience to the SigEp team and we look forward to his work in transforming plans into action. Gary joins the staff starting December 1.

The National Board of Directors meets in Richmond this weekend, November 3-4.

Enjoy Founders' Day tomorrow. Go SigEp!
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