Saturday, October 07, 2006

The "Fittest " Colleges - where are the Sig Eps?

A few months ago we posted an article about Sig Eps on the "Best" campuses, as noted by US News & World Report. We actually came out pretty well there. We are on nearly all of the campuses and the Sig Ep chapters are generally near the top of the Greek systems.

Well, now for the other side. "Fitness Magazine" has published its list of the "fittest" colleges. We didn't do so well there. Out of the top 25 schools, Sig Ep is only on 6 campuses:

How is Sig Ep doing on the Fitness Magazine "Fittest Schools"?
Rank College Sig Ep Chapter?
1. Dickinson College (Pa.) X
2. Colgate University (N.Y.) X
3. Boston College(Pa.) X
4. Wheaton College (Ill.) X
5. University of Vermont Y
6. Gustavus Adolphus College (Minn.) X
7. Grove City College (Pa.) X
8. Texas Christian University Y
9. Baylor University (Texas) X
10. University of Richmond (Va.) Y
11. University of Virginia Y
12. University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse X
13. University of California-Santa Cruz X
14. Washington & Jefferson College (Pa.) X
15. Albertston College of Idaho X
16. Santa Clara University (Calif.) X
17. Lafayette College (Pa.) X
18. Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.) Y
19. Roanoke College (Va.) X
20. California Institute of Technology X
21. Virginia Tech Y
22. University of Denver X
23. Ithaca College (N.Y.) X
24. University of Mary Washington (Va.) X
25. Gonzaga University (Wash.) X

An interesting contrast. Of course some of the schools are probably too small to support a chapter and others - Like Cal Tech, the only "double dipper" - don't have Fraternities, but it is quite a different look nonetheless. - Pennsylvania, Virginia home to fittest colleges, magazine says

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