Thursday, October 26, 2006

Eastern Sig Eps Coach High School Team

Fraternity helps coach football team
Kevin Kenealy/ Online Reporter

When Paris High School varsity football head coach Mike Pagliaro put an ad in the Daily Eastern News asking for coaching help with his team, seven Eastern physical education majors joined the squad.

Junior physical education major Tyler Buss was the first to respond. Tyler, then told his friend, Brian Burja, also a P.E. major, to ask Pagliaro if he needs anymore help.

Burja said he was hired based off of his playing high school football and that he was on a winning program and since he's been here, he has been working with the linebackers a lot, learning the games in the press box, calling offensive and defensive plays.

"Someone told me I should put an ad in the paper and see what kind of winners you should get and I'm very, very happy that these were the ones that made it," Pagliaro said. "We have some very exciting coaches around and they've really done a fantastic job."

During their last practice on the season, Burja and Buss worked alongside seniors Scott Schulz and Rodney Monbrum, and quarterback on the day, offensive coordinator for the year, Creighton Tarr.

"They've helped out a lot; I've learned a lot," said Mike Mattingly, Paris High School junior tight-end/cornerback about his Eastern student coaches.

Monbrum, Buss, and Burja are in the same fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Monbrum has said the 40-minute carpooling to do his first coaching job has been fun.

"They're all really good coaches; they've really helped out a lot this year. [They've helped in] mentally preparing," said Dustin Garner, a junior at Paris and a running back/cornerback.

Buss said that he's now much more comfortable working with defenses since he's starting to be able to pick up what plays and formations his team has against different defensive fronts.

"You can't beat getting paid to coach football and I've just learned a lot about the insides of coaching as far as breaking down film and picking up on some of the x and o's on the game. It's really been a great experience," Buss said.

And even though the team finished 1-8 on the season, Pagliaro looks to go out and get some good young coaching in the future as well.

"There's nothing like good young blood, in these programs," Pagliaro said. "When some of these guys that are going to be leaving in a year or two, we'll be looking at the school. And the good thing is that they're all in education. We want those type of people."

Paris' football team's 1-8 record this year is an improvement to its 0-9 drought last year. And considering the team is undefeated in junior varsity, gives the team something to look forward to next season.Practices consisted of doing some defensive and offensive drills, but also included a for-fun kicking competition at the end of the day, which Schulz said they try to do to keep the kids having some fun.

If there was a highlight to the season in the coach's minds, it was that first win of the season.

"They were 0-9 last year so they didn't get a win it like 15 some odd games and when we got that win it's pretty excited seeing these kids. After they shook hands, it was like they won the Super Bowl," Schulz said.
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