Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dartmouth Sig Eps back on "double secret" probation

The lads at Dartmouth are keeping up with the rest of the Greeks. And not in a good way...
Social options seemed limited at the beginning of Fall term, with five Greek organizations on probation and prohibited from hosting parties or serving alcohol. Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity became the sixth member of the abnormally long list of those fraternities and sororities serving probation this term on Tuesday. Additionally, Alpha Chi Alpha fraternity is currently under investigation and Psi Upsilon fraternity was recently investigated for College policy violations during the beginning of the term.
Sig Ep will also be on probation during Homecoming weekend; the organization is serving four weeks, ending Oct. 31, due to the discovery of two unauthorized kegs.

Sig Ep President Dave Coen '07 expressed frustration as he also said that the infractions are not indicative of the fraternity's behavior as a whole.

"It's not representative of the house," he said. "But I guess as long as the College continues that stance [of holding the entire house responsible], we'll continue to be accountable."
So why is it that the school doesn't like kegs?
Director of Undergraduate Judicial Affairs April Thompson, on the other hand, voiced concern over kegs' time limit.

"With kegs, there is an emphasis that you finish the alcohol before it goes flat," she said. "Which is fine for a registered party of 100 people, but otherwise cans are a better option
Oh yeah, that makes sense.

A question not asked in the article - was the chapter following the Sig Ep guidelines from HQ?

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