Thursday, September 21, 2006

Trustees get proposal to replace Greek houses

Trustees at N.C. State University cautiously welcomed a proposal today that would demolish and replace many of the fraternity and sorority houses that are at the center of Greek life on the school's campus.

The key to the change is transferring ownership of the houses to individual Greek chapters that would own and operate them. The university would still own the land, leasing it to the chapter for $1 a year.

Most of the 15 house now located on Greek Court, which is located just south of campus, were built in the 1960s and are in poor shape. The university currently owns both the houses and the land, which has reduced the motivation of alumni groups to invest in the buildings.

The plan introduced today would not only replace the current houses, but also provide new attractions such as an amphitheater and bandstand, a community house, covered shelters and sports fields.

John Mountz, director of Greek Life at N.C. State, said the proposal to redevelop the court is seen as one way to reignite interest in fraternities and sororities at N.C. State. About 9 percent of the university's undergraduates are members of fraternities and sororities, slightly less than the enrollment at most campuses
Staff writer Tim Simmons
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