Monday, September 25, 2006

Students should be responsible for actions

A correspondent passes along this editorial about how (not) to party.
A busted party Sept. 15 involving many Eastern students, some sorority members, an undercover policeman and 59 alcohol-related citations reinforced an idea we have been exposed to for years and one that even alcohol production companies have taken to supporting: Drink responsibly.

It is no secret that large parties and, unfortunately, excessive drinking have become staples in the lives of many college and college-age students.
This is a stereotype that is being fostered in younger students, and in a town like Charleston (IL) where there are many high school students eager to blend into what they believe to be a college lifestyle, Eastern students must be mature enough to be positive role models and be aware of the risks - especially those posed by hosting large parties.

This is not to say college students shouldn't enjoy themselves. But there are ways - whether drinking is involved or not - to do so responsibly and in a manner that will not result in anyone being put in harm's way. If students don't do anything to improve these statistics, the stereotypes will remain steadfast.
There are the usual statistics about binge drinking, and drinking and driving, but the big deal point is that there is a responsible middle ground between "Party Hearty" and "Party Hardly."

Let's be careful out there.

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