Thursday, September 14, 2006

SigEp returns to campus

This is the companion News story to the previous opinion piece.
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Sigma Phi Epsilon, the nation's largest fraternity, has been re-established on campus with new initiatives and challenges using the Balanced Man Program and Residential Learning Community concepts.
"We've been here since 1905; we have a lot of alumni from this campus. It's a big school, and we think we can offer something here that's typically different that students can appreciate," Kyle Arganbright, director of new chapter development at SigEp headquarters in Virginia, said. "It will be a new group of guys starting a new chapter with new goals, chapters and principles."
SigEp, unlike other fraternities on campus, has eliminated the pledging process completely and grants all members the same rights and privileges.

"It's important for SigEp to be reestablished at N.C. State because the Balanced Man Program is going to probably be well received around the campus," Maddalon said. "It has potential to change Greek life at NCSU and I am one of those people who thinks that Greek life at NCSU needs to change.

He indicated that the organization has high hopes for the chapter.

"Hopefully it will be wildly successful and other chapters at NCSU will have to emulate the Balanced Man Program and start doing what they say they will do to deliver what they promise in their ritual, mottos and things that each one individual chapter focuses on," he said.
Best wishes, guys. We know you can do it!

SigEp returns to campus - News

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