Monday, September 25, 2006

Sig Ep Sighting - Billy Bob Thornton?

This review of the new movie "School for Scoundrels" popped up on the Google SigEp radar today. In an interview, Billy Bob Thornton reveals he pledged Sig Ep in college.
Thornton: I pledged a frat called Sigma Phi Epsilon in college. We had to do a lot of crazy stuff. Some of us were dropped off 25 miles from school in our underwear and had to hitchhike back. That wasn't fun.
A search of the directory did not show him though, so we may assume that the "crazy stuff" discouraged him from becoming a "Sig Ep for Life".

By the way, The movie is hilarious. I saw an advanced screening with my wife last week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It stars Thornton and John Heder ("Napoleon Dynamite") The plot is pure "dweeby guy rises to the challenge" but it is well done, funny, and best of all entertaining.

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