Monday, September 11, 2006

Post number 2027 - but who counts?

Something for the statistics junkies out there - and you know who you are.

We have been writing S&P now for just a bit over 2 years. Recently - within the last week or so - our post counter turned over the 2000 mark. That adds up to just under 3 posts a day. Whew! No wonder it seems like work some days. The readership has also done well. We are at close to 90,000 total visits since we started counting (soon after the beginning, but not immediately). That 'ciphers out' to right at 120 a day, and when you consider that for the first several months we were well down in the double digits we have really come up in the world. That tells us we must be doing something right. If it wasn't interesting you wouldn't keep coming back.

We started using Sitemeter early on to count our visitors. It works well, and the basic (free) version tracks the last hundred visits so we can get a good 'snapshot' of the kind of visits we get. There is no personally identifiable info, but we can see , for instance, that folks in Richmond are logging in to check out our latest entries (We are a 'daily read' at Zolly House). The powerful Google Analytics application (also free!) gives a professional level of analysis and keeps historical stats so we can see how we do over time. We can also tell what browsers people are using (IE - 67.5%, FF - 25.5%, Safari - 4%), the screen resolution (41% are 1024x768, 18% are 1280x1024, for some reason 7% are still at 800x600, go figure), and all manner of other arcane minutiae.

So enough with the numbers, already. The real message is that the whole team enjoys putting the information together. We are very pleased that our readership has grown over the last two years and we plan to continue looking for good (and not so good) Sig Ep stories and other fraternity related stuff to put up for your enjoyment. We also will continue to offer opinions, essays, etc. when they are appropriate. Like real journalists, we want to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." Always, however, our first mission is to "foster, promote, and help" Sigma Phi Epsilon to meet its fullest potential.

Oh, and by the way, be on the lookout for a contest around the 100,000th visit. We are going to try to make it special.
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