Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our Educational Foundation Website

If any of you are like me, you spent some time reading the latest SigEp Journal. On page 20 you'd have probably seen the announcement of the Doud-Clayton Award. Within the article is the website for the Educational Foundation ( and a note to check out the award futher on-line in the "news" section of the website. When I typed that website in, it took me to the same old Educational Foundation page that I've been seeing for quite some time now, and I did not see the award mentioned in the "news" section. However, to my happy surprise, I was doing some research in the HQ website today and clicked on the "Foundation" link at the top and found this.

"Way to go!", to the folks over at the Educational Foundation. This is a great improvment. You're friends over here at S&P are pleased, although you might want to make a mention somewhere about the link in the journal being incorrect.
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