Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Now THAT's a party - 59 citations!

In an update to the earlier story about partying at Eastern IL Univ. the details are coming out.
Charleston police broke up a house party hosted by members of Alpha Phi, one of Eastern's nine sororities. The party was on 1040 7th Street, not the chapter house, but many sorority members were present at the party.

According to police reports, the 59 citations were issued for purchase or acceptance of alcohol by a minor.
Police Chief Paul Welch said police were looking for students selling alcohol.

That's why they sent an undercover officer into the party.

The Charleston Police Department has been going undercover for many years, Welch said.
But it is not all bad news...
Welch also said he didn't see any hazing at the party.

"There was no evidence of that," he said.
Well thank goodness those drunk sorority chicks weren't hazing anyone, it could have gotten ugly.

The Daily Eastern News

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